Visiting VIEW Café

Dine and drop in to the Visitor’s Centre




There are wheelchair accessible facilities for visitors of the View Cafe and across the Hinze Dam, however not every section of the Hinze Dam walking track can be accessed.

Signs are in place to show wheelchair inaccessible areas of the walking track. More information is available at the Visitor Centre about wheelchair and disabled accessibility.

Bicycle Access – Make a day of it with the family.

The Hinze Dam bike trails provide many biking options accessible to the public by  attending at the Hinze Dam Visitor Centre, and then a short ride along the top of the dam wall.

It’s a perfect day out for the family and all ages are welcome. There’s nothing like a good day out riding on our trails with the family working up a hunger, followed up by a scrumptious meal and a cold beer at the View Café.

There is an easy biking loop called the “Family Loop” which is well signed and located within the centre of all the trails. Heading east takes riders on an undulating section with beautiful views of the water.

For a challenge to those sturdier of constitution, there is the six (6) kilometre loop that descends west and provides a challenging climb back up and out, and can be ridden in either direction. Half-way around this section riders will find toilet facilities, tank water and the riding club race day facilities.

Hinze Dam Wall- Come and see our view.

The Hinze Dam was built on the Nerang River in 1976 and was expanded in 1989 and again in 2011. It is an impressive and functional modern man-made structure.

The Dam holds 310 giga-litres (310,000,000,000 (billion) litres) of water over an area of 1500 hectares. The body of water itself is called the Advancetown Lake.

The spillway is 85 metres high and the wall is 1850 metres long. There’s lots of big numbers and big man-made structures to discuss and marvel at with the kids.

Fishing – Catch a beauty!

Hinze Dam is stocked by the Hinze Dam Fish Management Committee. The dam is stocked with Australian Bass, Golden Perch, Mary River Cod, Saratoga and Silver Perch.

In 2017/18, a thousand Mary River Cod and 53,371 Australian Bass were stocked.

Attend the Hinze Dam Visitor Centre to enquire about obtaining fishing permits for the area.