View Cafe Hinze Dam, 100-200 Advancetown Road, Advancetown, 4211 QLD

Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm
Saturday & Sunday from 8am to 5pm

Tel 07 5563 0313

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Visiting the view cafe hinze dam gold coast

Visiting the View Cafe

wheelchair access to the hinze dam and view cafe

Wheelchair Access

Accessible for wheelchairs

There are wheelchair accessible facilities for visitors of the View Cafe and across the Hinze Dam, however not every section of the Hinze Dam walking track can be accessed. Signs are in place to show wheelchair inaccessible areas of the walking track.

visiting the hinze dam and view cafe by bike (bycicle)

Visiting by Bicycle

Bike tracks from the View Cafe

A designated bike path leads from the View Cafe to the dam wall for View Cafe visitors who wish to see the dam by bicycle.

visiting the hinze dam wall

Visiting the Dam Wall

Accessible from the View Cafe

Public walking path and bicycle access available from the View Cafe.

fishing at the hinze dam nerang river and permits

Fishing Permits

Available from the View Cafe

A fishing permit is required at Hinze Dam. Fishing permits are available directly from the View Cafe.